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    Default new and need help

    hi im new and im trying this for the 2nd time, im frusterated all ready i know it didnt come on over night but i have a hard time thinking that when its so slow to lose, i was wondering what the challenge thing is and if i can join thanks
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    Hiya Steph

    The challenges are there to give you an extra boost. It's liking have a Atkins group who you can chat to and share your ups and downs with. It is also a great way of helping with the cravings because maybe if you want to cheat you think "Oh, no I can't do that. I am on a challenge. I have to behave!".

    I would suggest joining one of the shorter challenges like the Halloween one to get to know the challenge members. Then maybe you all can form another challenge to keep the momentum going.

    It's lots of fun and seeing your stats also provides motivation. Just set reasonable goals and everything should be fine!!! :icondance :icondance


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