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Thread: My 1st birthday!!

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    Goodonya Girl!! :hug :hug :hug Did I get that right??


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    Default First Birthday

    Thank you so much for your First Birthday posting. I couldn't stop reading every word, despite the fact that my left knee is killing me and I should be up and moving...but I had to finish your posting first and write to you. You are a TOTAL inspiration!!! I joined the Bulletin Board today, and although my weight has been going in reverse I'm determined to get this right and get it rolling. So many things have changed for me because of eating Atkins, even though my weight is up so I know I'm not on target yet. BUT...for the first time in decades, I was able to go to two stores without having a panic attack from low blood sugar. I feel like a prisoner suddenly given hope...a reprieve. I took pork rinds in my bag and when I felt that "low" feeling I ate a few...and suddenly I continued being okay while I was out. I can't believe it!!! I am so amazed....

    You look wonderful in your picture. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! on your weight loss and regained health. I am so happy for you. You and all the wonderful folk here are giving me hope....


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    Canuck- you have inspired me!!! I'm a newbie-been reading this board and Atkins Diabetic Revolution since learning from the Dr that a pump and cholesterol meds are in my near future. After reading and re-reading since my appt last week, I started yesterday and joined last night because after seeing my sugars drop so fast and not being hungry I became a believer! Since my a.m. reading yesterday beofre I started my Induction, I have not had a bs reading over 80 and have tested 4x/day yesterday and today. I hope, pray and trust that my future can echo yours in not having to take all these meds for too much longer. You are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story!

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    Thnx to you folks too for all your kind words, they keep me on the straight and narrow. I have no desire to change as know I won

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