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    To place an image in a post:

    1. You will need to upload your picture to your image host, for example, Photobucket

    2. You will need to copy the img code that is given to your picture. For example the img code will look something like:

    3. When posting, type in [img].

    4. Paste your images address (the one given to your picture by your hosting site) right after the [img] code. So it will look something like this:


    Make sure there are no gaps or your picture will not show.

    5. Final step is to close your code. To do this, type in [/img] If you do not close your code your picture will not work.

    Your code will look like this (minus the asteriks. I add asteriks so you can see the code and not the picture):


    Remember to take out the asteriks!

    If your hosting site already has {img} and {/img] at the beginning and end of the picture address, you do not need to type it in. Just copy and paste the whole address, making sure that the img code is indeed at the beginning and end, as shown.


    If you're getting a red x try the following:

    1. Make sure your [img] [/img] tags are correct.

    2. Make sure their are no gaps in your code.

    3. Make sure the url of your image is correct.

    4. Make sure your image hosting is working.


    You can also add photos and other pictures of various kinds (pets, family, etc.) in the ADBB Gallery. When uploading to the Gallery, choose the Members catagory.

    You can also host your pictures in your PICTURES AND ALBUMS space. This is found by going to your User control panel.
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