High Carbohydrate Diets and Blood Pressure
by Tanya Zilberter

High blood pressure, insulin resistance, angina - we were taught for a long time that these problems are results of high-fat diets. However...

Diets high in refined carbohydrate caused high blood pressure

It has been recently demonstrated that long-term consumption of a diet highin refined carbohydrate induces hypertension. -- Hypertension (Online). 36(3):423-9, 2000

High carb diet and hyperinsulinemia

Rats fed a high-carb diet develop hyperinsulinemia, lipid imbalances (hypertriglyceridaemia,)

high blood pressure, changes in the kidneys similar to those in diabetic rats, and heart abnormality (left ventricular hypertrophy with deposition of collagen.) -- Journal of Hypertension. 17(12 Pt 2):1843-8, 1999

High-carb plus safflower oil and insulin resistance

High blood pressure is often associated with impaired glucose tolerance and high insulin levels, factors that contribute to insulin resistance. -- IsraelJournal of Medical Sciences. 33(3):153-9, 1997

Insulin resistance can be induced by diets high in simple carbohydrates or fatty acids such as linoleic acid (safflower oil) and their combination caused the worst insulin resistance. -- American Journal of Hypertension. 12(2 Pt 1):183-7, 1999

Chromium, vanadium, and Gymnema against high carb-induced hypertension

Chromium decreases the blood pressure elevated by high sucrose intake, but high levels of sucrose ingestion can eventually overcome this. Vanadium and the herb, Gymnema sylvestre, overcame carb-induced elevation of blood pressure as well as the "genetic hypertension." -- Journal of the American College of Nutrition. 17(2):116-23, 1998, Journal of Hypertension. 15(:857-62,1997

The longer on a high-carb diet, the higher blood pressure.

Tough the majority of studies concerned with carb-induced blood pressure elevation have been short-term, the high-carb diet effect on high blood pressure over the life span was also investigated by Department of Medicine, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC. The result of the study indicated that the blood pressure was the higher the higher and the longer carbohydrate intake has been. -- Journal of Hypertension. 15(:857-62, 1997

Low-carb dieters lost more weight

After six months, women on high carbohydrate, 1200 Cal. diet lost 5.6 kg and those on low high carbohydrate, 1200 Cal. diet lost 6.8 kg. -- European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 51(4):243-8, 1997

High-carb meal triggered angina

One hour after a high carbohydrate meal, exercise induced angina pectoris symptoms in patients with chronic stable angina while exercising after a high fat meal did not. -- Journal of the American College of Cardiology.29(2):302-7, 1997

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