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    Dotsamantha says, "I'm 28 years old and have spent the last ten years in the U.S. Army. You would wonder how it's possible to become overweight with that lifestyle, but it was easier than you think". Here is her story:

    I was never wispy, but have always managed to maintain a weight that was at the high end of healthy. As long as I was active I didn't really have to pay it any mind. Over the past three years or so my weight kept creeping anf creeping. I believe I was 155 lbs around age 25, and although it seemed "sudeen" I realized I was nearly 190lbs about 8 months ago. On a 5'3" body there's nothing good about that. I knew i could drop the weight if I went on an exercise tear but it would always creep right back up. I had heard from a few people who had done Atkins the righ way how effective it was, so I decided to read the book. I bought Atkins, South Beach, and Sugarbusters. As I read through them I realized how much sense Atkins was making so I decided to give it a shot. Who knew not even 6 months later I'd be 45 pounds lighter? I couldn't believe the change. I hadn't been at this weight in almost ten years. I also was suffering from chronic gerd and heartburn and I always thought it was from acidic foods like tomatoes and so on. After 2 weeks of this wol I had no more indigestion. It was amazing. I had known in my mind for a long time that I needed to make a change, but I didn't know what that change needed to be. I'm 2 pounds away from my first goal of 140 pounds and I have a maintenance goal of 130-135 pounds, depending on how I feel. Maybe I'll go lower or higher. I'm almost ready to move to pre-maintenance so I can continue this forever and be healthy and happy with the person I see in the mirror.

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    Momma Glass says the first time she did Atkins, she started losing weight, "I was creeping up on 300 lbs. At 5'2", it was a harsh sight for me to look in the mirror. I couldn't put my arms down "flat". They would lay against my sides, but they stuck out at an angle from my "actual" side."

    My husband (at the time) told me his mother said "Melinda would be as pretty as that girl over there if she could lose weight". I had started shopping for size 24s. It sucked. Life sucked. I felt hopeless. I had a coworker who started losing weight and said she was having fun doing it.

    This was in 1999. She was doing "Atkins". She ate hotdogs everyday and cheese and steak and said she had so much more energy. Now, I know, hotdogs and cheddar is not Atkins. LOL She ate green beans sometimes and salads occasionally. It didn't sound like the healthiest of diets but being as wide as I was tall wasn't healthy either. So for the first time in my life I tried dieting. I ate steak and green beans all the time. I didn't read the book, I didn't really do "Atkins" as we know it. But it started working. I lost 25 lb the first month. Then my marriage started its quick spiral down the toilet drain. I didn't think about dieting anymore. I was preoccupied with dissolution of what I thought was my future. But I didn't feel like eating as much anymore anyway. Upheaval will do that, ya know?? LOL I had a major change in lifestyle. No longer sitting behind a desk chuggin' southern sweet tea all day. I was back on the road, working at Renaissance Faires. That meant alot of walking during the week and eating less 'cause I was only making a little money and living in my van. But on the weekends, I had been hired to pop kettlecorn. By hand. That means stirring that huge kettle of the sticky sweet popped corn allllll day long and then also during the week to make extra for the weekend. When it's just oil, corn kernals and sugar, the stirring with the 3 foot paddle ain't too hard. When the stuff pops and gets stick, it takes effort.

    I lost another 30 lbs during that 6 week period. I continued to have jobs that kept me physical. Physical enough, that I ate like crap and continued to lose weight. I got down to about 165 over the next couple of years just being active.

    I did "Atkins" for 2 weeks and then got pregnant during my second marriage. Had the baby, lost 5 lbs during the pregnancy. Got post partum. Watched the scale climb while I wallowed in misery, clueless as to what was up with me. DH gentley urged me to go see the doctor. I did. Went on Zoloft and started feeling better that afternoon. Granted I walked around clenching my teeth for no reason, but I wasn't depressed anymore! Stepped on the scale. 196!!! I was almost 200 lbs AGAIN!

    That was the major straw that broke the fat camel's back. I WOULD NOT be over 200 again. I could not go back to being that sad fat girl. I did not love her. I loved the "real" me. This was the end of November 2005. I immediately thought of Atkins. So I did some research, found ADBB. Learned about the "Real Atkins". I ordered the book, read all the stickies. I spent hours everyday for weeks reading and studying and waiting for my book to come in the mail. I had been on induction a month and lost over 15 lbs by the time my book showed up. I met my Atkins partner, Austlyn.

    We did The January Bootcamp. And I have been having fun and loving it ever since. I fell in love with this way of eating and this community! Yeah, I have had my share of bumps in the road but that sad, fat girl is 120 lbs behind me and I will be leaving her there forever. I have been armed with the knowledge to control my body, not be controlled by it. Atkins works... if you let it.
    Hope I wasn't too long winded.
    *Condiment Queen*
    31 yrs female 5'2"
    Started 11/26/05
    HW 276 SW 196.5 CW 156.4 (Back up to 159.6 DOH! ) GW 135
    New Mini-goal 150 by Thanksgiving!!
    Member of the Thigh Suspenders Club 2006 Keep lookin' forward!!!
    GO TEAM !! Austlyn and MommaGlass

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    Julie (julirama723) says "Since August, I have learned how to eat properly. I have done Atkins the RIGHT way, not my way. I have learned what healthy foods are. I have learned that water is the best thing for a body. I have not had a single migraine! I have remembered that exercise is one of the best feelings in the world. I have read the book, followed the rules, and am still on plan. I have NOT cheated. I have not had regrets. I have never been so healthy or happy in my life!"

    I wasn't always overweight...
    When I was a child, my parents actually thought I was underweight. I was an active, outdoorsy child who wasn

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    [font=Arial][color=blue]Outback Jess says her wakeup call was a day when she looked at her unhappy unhealthy very overweight daughter and said to herself,

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