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Thread: gallbladder and Atkins?

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    Default gallbladder and Atkins?

    My friend had her gallbladder removed last year and is considering starting Atkins. Is she able to do Atkins without her gallbladder? I just want to make sure because I don't want to aggravate any condition.
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    many folk here have had their gallbladders removed before and during their Atkins and done just fine. She may have a few bathroom runs in the early days as her body gears up for the higher fat diet, but she should be able to handle it. Have her check with her doc for any other medical reasons she shouldn't do it though.
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    I had mine out several years before I started Atkins. I never had any problems because of it. But just to be sure, she should discuss it with her doctor. Make sure if he says "no" that he's not just anti-Atkins, though.
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