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Thread: *Please Read Before Starting or Joining A Challenge*

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  1. Exclamation *Please Read Before Starting or Joining A Challenge*

    Attention Challenge Leaders and Challengers

    Challenges are one of the most motivating tools available to the Membership of the ADBB.

    As a Challenge Leader, you are responsible for caring for the challenge by supporting your Challengers and doing what it takes to see them meet their set goal. You are also responsible for handing out awards. Award presentations can be presented in the Celebration! Forum, if you wish. If, for whatever reason, you can not see your challenge through to the end or if you have a problem concerning any part of your challenge, please contact a Moderator of the forum.

    As a Challenger, it is helpful to post your progress in a timely manner. The reason is two-fold: 1. This helps you to keep the course and 2. it helps the Challenge Leader keep up with your progress. Don’t take on too much. There are many challenges offered and it is easy to burn out or become overwhelmed. When becoming involved with too many challenges, the usual, final result is not accomplishing any of the set goals. If you drop a challenge or simply won‘t be able to post, it would be courteous to notify the Challenge Leader. Be advised that if the Challenge Leader does not notify the Moderator of the forum that he or she will not be able to see the challenge through to the end, you may not receive your award in a timely manner.
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