This was brought up in another thread. Our OWL power of five sticky is a copy of what's in DANDR, and it lists total carbs instead of net carbs. I began putting together an updated reference list that shows net carbs, but got sidetracked. I'm throwing it out here hoping someone else has time to continue the list.

The Power of Net Five

These portions contain roughly 5 grams of net carbohydrates. Food groups are arranged in the general order in which they should be added.


Amt Item Notes
1 1/2 cups OR Asparagus Spears Raw or cooked
(12 medium)

13 cups Lettuce Raw, Shredded

49 cups Spinach Raw, About 0.2 net carbohydrates per cup

2 3/4 cups Spinach Cooked, from canned

4 cups Turnip Greens Raw

3 1/2 cups Turnip Greens Cooked

2 1/4 cups Cucumber Raw

1 cup Jicama Raw

1 3/4 cups Yellow Summer Squash Raw

2 1/2 cups Green Summer Squash Raw

2 1/2 cups Broccoli Raw

3/4 cup Sweet green/red pepper Raw

1 cup Cherry tomato Raw

3/4 cup Tomato Raw, Chopped or sliced

2 1/2 cup Mushrooms Raw

1/2 cup Onion Raw

7 medium Green onions Raw

1 1/4 California Avocado Raw, Black skin

3/4 Florida Avocado Raw, Green skin


Amt Item Notes

5 oz OR Hard cheese Cheddar, Provolone, Swiss,
5 slices Mozzarella etc.

2 cups Goat cheese Crumbled

1 cup Fresh cheese Cottage, Farmer