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Thread: If You Are Struggling Please Read This

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    Default Re: If You Are Struggling Please Read This

    Yes Brandee, def stay in touch. Lets kick the monsters @#$ thats been on our backs for far TOO long!!

    And KitteeChaos, I'm glad that re-reading my post/story helped you on a hard day.. Thats what I wrote it for. My hope when I literally poured my heart out into this post years ago was that it would inspire someone, and that people who were having a hard time & ready to quit would come read it & continue to read it whenever they needed to. So that makes me very happy! I wish you the best in your journey. Would love to stay in touch. We all need support

    JenStar71, I understand exactly what you are going through & how you have felt, its all very familiar to me. I want you to know that you CAN do this, you CAN lose the weight that you need/want to lose. Starting Atkins & coming to this board is the best decision you could have made. I too have children and have wasted years not being able to be the mom I wanted to, the mom who could run around the parks or yard with them. I've wasted too many years just existing, not truly living. Lets stay in touch, support & encourage eachother if you would like.
    Everyday is a chance for a new beginning, and today is mine.. Time to re-claim my life & become the person I used to be & want to be again. 2011 is the year I will be successful in changing my life & my weight to become a happier healthier me!

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    Default Re: If You Are Struggling Please Read This

    Thats quite similar to my story. I cheat all the time and even I am embarrassed to write that I cheated week after week. so thank you for the inspiration. I have already lost 100 lbs and i just need thirty more for my goal. its hard and i am just tired of dieting. I am going to do this today i will just restart the whole induction period and stick with it! im very motivated by this post.
    I was 280 lbs and i got there because of me. one time i had a realization about my weight. i had lost lots of weight but my activity level wasn't where it used to be. I went a few months dry of running and exercising. so i went to the park to run a few miles. my ex bf was running ahead of me and i was so mad. "this is about me not you a%%hole why is he running faster than me. why does he ALWAYS COMPETE WITH ME!?!?!!?" so i kept running and started crying. its NOT his fault i couldnt keep up. it was mine. it is my fault i got so big. its my fault now that im staying at 180 instead of reaching for my dreams. to be healthy. So i am going to dedicate this 2 week period to my old me. Here is to you 280.... bon voyage... you will never come back again.
    I am going to be a stepmom of a 4 yr old very active little girl. her father my husband... just lost 100 lbs and we are working together to be fit and healthy. we are hoping this helps us in our custody case later. couldnt hurt. Her mother is very overweight. and no activities for the little one. Me and her dad go on bike rides and walks all the time. there is so much going on in my life I do not want my weight to be an issue any more. I want to inspire my new family to live healthy active lifestyles.
    I talked to his dad about atkins. he has type 2 diabetes and is struggling with his recent divorce. i know what he is going through and its hard on him. but he knows as well as i do what needs to be done. how could i motivate this man to do the diet when i cant even hang in there for 2 measly weeks.
    thats turned around now. im dont playing up and down. its time for down and down and living life up and up!
    thanks so much!!!

    height: 5'7
    heaviest: 280 lbs
    goal weight: 153 lbs
    weight now: 175.9 lbs
    total lost: 105 lbs

    mini goal 1: 210 MET
    mini goal 2: 200 MET
    mini goal 3: 190 MET
    mini goal 4: 180 MET!!!!
    New mini goals:
    mini goal 1: 177 Met as of 8/16/11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mini goal 2: 174
    mini goal 3: 169
    mini goal 4: 163

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    Default Re: If You Are Struggling Please Read This

    Wow I wish I had read this a few days ago. I started induction for the very first time last Tuesday, and by day 4 the carb cravings were so terrible that I just couldn't handle it. Unfortunately I also lack a strong support system as my husband doesn't really know how hard it is to be on this kind of diet. He was sort of non-chalant about it, and I put him in a bad spot when I asked him what I should do. He wouldn't give me an answer either way, and I don't blame him.

    If only I had seen your inspiring post I might not have quit. Fortunately I restarted induction yesterday, and having seen your post now I will always think of it (and probably re-read it many times) whenever I have cravings. I also feel more prepared this time because I picked up some L-Glutamine which seems to be helping with the cravings. No matter what I will not quit. I know it will get better. I will make sure that I don't have to stare at any temptations.

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    Default Re: If You Are Struggling Please Read This

    Reading this long thread has been inspiring and humbling...It's inspiring because so many people want to change their right...drop weight and transform themselves. It's humbling that the last activity for a lot of people is quite some time ago. I'm one of them....not in this thread but I'm sure I posted something a couple years old about starting Atkins again...well I'm back and God willing I will be successful this time. And if for some reason I'm not, God grant me the strength to get back up and try again...Godspeed to all of the people that are in this thread. I hope you are all doing well and are happy! : )

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    Default Re: If You Are Struggling Please Read This

    Wow thank you , this has helped me realise I CAN DO IT XX

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    Default Re: If You Are Struggling Please Read This

    Quote Originally Posted by june@weightloss View Post
    Wow thank you , this has helped me realise I CAN DO IT XX
    Me too. What an awesome thread. I'm tired of starting over. I need to replace the word "tomorrow" in my vocabulary with "now."


    Induction re-re-re-re-start date: 1/22/16
    S/C/G: 203/203/159

    Mini goal #1: 194

    "On most diets you'll never stop eating addictive high-carbohydrate foods. When you do Atkins, you'll quickly learn how to overcome your addiction." ~DANDR p. 16
    Oh how I am waiting for this promise to come true! I am definitely a carb addict.

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    Default Re: If You Are Struggling Please Read This

    I have the same problems!! Thanks for the post =)
    Starting Over Stats:
    Goal 1- 200
    Goal 2-190
    Goal 3- 180
    Goal 4- 170
    Goal 6- 160
    Goal 7 and final- 150

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    Default Re: If You Are Struggling Please Read This

    Excellent Post! This helped me a lot today. Thank you!

    "Nothing tastes better than being thin"
    mini goal #1: 255 - check
    mini goal #2: 235 -

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    Default Re: If You Are Struggling Please Read This

    "you can give up, feel sluggish daily, have sleep apnea, have high blood pressure, run away from cameras, hide in my home not wanting to be out in public, feel ashamed of myself, feel unattractive, have no self esteem..."

    I have read this and reread it. I have now printed it out and put it in the pages of my journal where I go each morning first thing.

    I'm following your lead so keep up the good work I will need to know you're there!
    SW 195......... March 2007
    Restart 172.4 November 8 2016
    CW 166.4 November 26, 2016
    GW 144

    Height 5' 5"
    Age 73 years

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