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Thread: Problem updating signature

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    Default Problem updating signature

    I keep getting this message when I try to update my signature

    1. Your signature cannot be longer than 1500 characters including BB code markup.

    All I'm trying to do is change May to June and change the minutes.

    Any help is appreciated.
    47 ~ F

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    Default Re: Problem updating signature

    Mine did the same thing, that's why it's not in my siggy anymore!!


    Perhaps firing a PM to Tom will do the trick. I don't imagine my siggy is more than 1500 characters, but if it is..well...I want 2500!

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    Default Re: Problem updating signature

    I don't even know HOW to change my signature... any tips??

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    Default Re: Problem updating signature


    Click on the "Forum Actions" tab (under the "Groups" tab at the top of every page), and when the dropbox appears, click on "General Settings". When you arrive at General Settings, click on "Edit Signature" on the list at the lefthand side.

    There are also other things there you might be interested in knowing how to tweak, like your Atkins phase, profile info, and avatar.
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    Default Re: Problem updating signature

    Thanks for sharing the informative post about this signature issue.

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    Default Re: Problem updating signature

    Tried to update my (about 300 characters) signature by adding a new bit of text while keeping the old siggy, and this is the response:
    The following errors occurred with your submission

    • Your signature cannot be longer than 1500 characters including BB code markup. "

    Even after removing MORE than what I had entered, I get the same error. Does the 1500 mean 150? Or can you explain a bit about how many characters are in "BB code markup" (whatever that is)? :


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