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Thread: Arthritis is a real NUISANCE!

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    Default Re: Arthritis is a real NUISANCE!

    You should sleep tonight unless you get overtired. The painkillers didn't seem to work at all. Tonight my knees hurt more than ever before. I think it was because of the shoes I wore to town. Instead of changing them I walked the dog in them and they are not comfortable to walk in.

    Does your husband like to cook? I have been watching Masterchef and so many of the contestants are men who want to change their jobs to become chefs.

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    Default Re: Arthritis is a real NUISANCE!

    Sorry to hear you are still in so much pain.
    Well you won't make that mistake again and remember to change your shoes before walking the dog.
    Yes my hubby does like to cook and I got him a pasta maker for xmas and he loves it. But not having pasta at the moment of course.
    We watch masterchef too. Yeah I was saying to hubby that there are some top professional people on there, doctors, dentist etc, paid loads of money and they want to become a chef and have to start at the bottom again, bad eh?
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