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Thread: Gout and high protein diet conflict

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    Default Re: Gout and high protein diet conflict

    My husband had horrible gout in his two little toes and along the side of his foot about one week ago. He couldn't work for 4 days and was waking up from it non stop. He also is on lipitor, since he has kidney disease. He has had gout other times before when he drank alcohol a little more then usual. Alcohol is a bigtime no-no for people who are prone to gout, especially on meds. He also is on a high dose water pill. I thought about him being on this diet and am still wondering if it may be not the best for him, since he has kidney disease. He has not mentioned the diet to his doc, I bet his doc would be against this diet most are. But then again we are told that beans and legumes and such are even worse then protien for kidney disease patients....all I know is that he has lost 35lbs in 5 1/2 weeks. Now that may get his kidneys working better then ever!
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    Default Re: Gout and high protein diet conflict

    My Dad gets terrible gout, and my Mom (who is a nurse) has him eat less red meat...that will supposedly really help!

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    Default Re: Gout and high protein diet conflict

    My husband is in the same boat. I thought this was a very interesting article from an endocrinologist. It's good to be here and share what we know can learn about gout.
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    Default Re: Gout and high protein diet conflict

    We have an unusually talented chiropractor. He's not a bone cruncher but uses a small thumping device. He cured my DH's gout in only two visits.
    Not saying this would work for everyone but it might be worth a try.

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    Default Re: Gout and high protein diet conflict

    I know these are older posts, but I just wanted to pop in and say I have gout. I have been suffering from it for about 4 years now. And I was only 32 yrs old when I first got it. Family history can play a role as well. The problem is if you get gout you usually know for sure know. It hits you like a wrecking ball. The pain can be so intense that just a light blanket on the affected area can cause you to jump out of your skin. I am actually suffering from a gout attack right now and I would rather cut off my foot than to suffer from the pain I am experiencing tonite. They do say it can be from high proteins, animal fats, and high purine foods. Well, I think I am kinda SOL with Atkins. I know this is not a HIGH protein way of eating but I am eating more protein now that I have before. And this is my second attack in a month. Before Atkins I only suffered an attack once every 6-8 months. When you are eating nothing but junk food and carbs your protein intake tends to stay low. The problem with gout also is that in time the attacks will start to happen more often and last longer. The first time I got it was in my big toe on my right foot. For a day or two I was convinced I had broken it. I went to the ER and was diagnosed with it. By the time I got done I couldn't even lift my leg to get in the passenger side of the car without my whole leg going into convulsions of pain. It last almost 3 weeks. THe major pain lasted a week and it took another 2 weeks for the minor pain to go away. That week of major pain, I almost wanted to wear adult diapers because the thought of having to get up to use the bathroom horrified me. Just lowering my leg from the elavated position sent waves of pain thru my foot and leg. Prolonged attacks can eventually lead to permanent damage in those joints. It really scares me to think that I have to go through these attacks again. I lose hours at work and I am not able to do anything at home. If you have any reason to believe you have it, go see the doc. THey will do a blood test to check the uric acid levels. You want all this on your medical records. My doc told me that it could eventually lead me to be on disibility scares me to think that but if it came down to it, my medical records will show all occasions of gout attacks.
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    Default Re: Gout and high protein diet conflict

    Tutti, you have my deepest sympathies. Have you tried getting a good deal more vitamin C in your diet and staying off the 'high purine' food list? Mushrooms for example, not a protein food, but a purine offender. I am limiting my mushrooms too, still missing my liver.. but you are very correct the pain of gout is pretty 'knowable' and I only have it in small doses but know just what you mean.

    Getting lighter will only help with your gout, but it definitely sounds like there are foods you will need to avoid like the plague!

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    Default Re: Gout and high protein diet conflict

    I've had Gout for a few years now. The best thing to do is to go to a Doctor and have them test your Uric Acid Levels. Then start you on a regimen of Alpurinol.
    Alpurinol will keep the Uric Acid Levels at a normal level. It took my doctor a couple months to get mine under control, give pills, take for awhile, give blood, get higher dose, give blood, get even higher dose Finally Below or at normal levels.

    Trust me Gout is **** ON EARTH. When you put a sheet on your foot at night and it hurts like someone is poking your joints with a hot red poker.. That's not a good thing.

    Anyhow just my viewpoints on Gout, Been on Atkins in the past and after getting levels under control, I've had limited flair-ups. Usually my fault for forgetting pills


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    Default Re: Gout and high protein diet conflict

    What about avoiding high-purine foods (esp. while in Induction) such as:

    • Liver and other organ meats (heart, kidneys, etc.)
    • Game meats
    • Goose and partridge
    • Sardines, mackerel, herring
    • Scallops and mussels

    And these veggies too:

    • asparagus
    • cauliflower
    • mushrooms
    • peas (later in OWL)
    • spinach

    The biggest help is to reduce protein which is hard during Induction but it would seem easier to reduce protein as one goes up the OWL rungs. Also, as one goes up the OWL rungs there are lots of other non-purine foods such as fruit added in.

    Mr. Ski gets gout sometimes when his protein is too high in combination with high-purine foods. Maybe limiting these offenders might help those on Atkins with gout flare-ups.

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    Smile Re: Gout and high protein diet conflict

    The doctor that specializes in gout is a rheumatologist. Your uric acid level will tell if you are susceptible of getting an attack. If you have high uric acid levels than you should probably be on medication (Allopurinal) or stop the excess purin producing foods in your diet.
    Gout can affect the left big toe or any joint or soft tissue in the body, an injury is very susceptible to getting gout. If your uric acid level has been high for a long period of time (higher than 3-7) your body tissue will be saturated with uric acid and crystals. It can take up to 6 months to reduce the attacks from the high body saturation and a year to completely get back to normal with medication.

    It is a steroid that stops the body from reacting to the uric acid crystal which has gotten into the joint or tissue, preventing the inflammation, swelling and pain.

    If you feel a gout attack coming on then the first thing you need to do is to ICE the area, this alone could stop it and drink a lot of WATER.

    Then if the icing does not stop it and it goes too far, taking a prednisone will stop the attack and even reverse it to NORNAL within 20-30 min. vs. having two weeks of pure misery. It is a steroid that stops the body from reacting causing all the pain, inflammation, and swelling. The uric acid crystallizes and gets into the joint or soft tissue and causes the body to react as an infection.

    If you have a gout attack, you are able to eat EGG WHITES AND OLIVE OIL which will allow you to stay close to the Atkins diet. They have NO purins in either, you can also eat fruit and must drink a lot of water.
    It might be best to get off the diet till it is cleared up. Vegetables also produce purins, the greener one's will produce more.

    Be aware the process of losing weight produces a lot of purins.

    Tart cherries are supposed to reduce the inflammation or lower the uric acid level. The tarter one’s are better, there is a Pill sold in the health food store that contains Montmorency Cherry Flex. The Montmorency is supposed to be the best for gout. hxxp://www.cherry They may help some, but nothing like ice and then PREDNISONE.

    I have also heard of a sonic vibration machine that can break up the uric acid crystals, you limp in and walk out normal.
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