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Thread: Depression

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    Default Re: Depression

    Easier said than done....I agree with whatsername.. sometimes it's very difficult to deal with even thinking about happy thoughts...

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    Question Re: Depression

    Quote Originally Posted by Chad's Wife View Post
    I am new to all of this . And know that I was suffering from a mild to moderate form of depression .
    I however as of 7 days ago . Now feel quite a bit better ! I am a woman , 5 pregnancies , over weight , stressed . Do I need to go on ? LOL
    I started Atkins a week ago today . And have lost 8lbs. which makes me feel better.
    I wanted though to tell you all . That I have been taking One A Day vitamins for women , taking DHEA supplements (1 a day) and also taking enzyme infused probiotics to cleanse the gut area .
    And just by taking the 3 and following the Atkins WOE . I feel so much BETTER . I have energy , I am happy most of the time . I do not feel as stressed as I was 7 days ago .
    Can I pin point one specific ingredient ,that I believe to more important than the other ? No . but I know the enzyme infused probiotics helped to clean my system out so much so . That I quickly got over a nasal problem . While everyone else still is suffering from it .
    I am not a doctor , and am only telling you what I believe that has helped me . I have NOT felt this good ... in lets say 6 years now ....
    Have to ask, where is Chad in all of this?
    No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.

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    Default Re: Depression

    Nice stuff.
    I also think about for that things which not important in real life. But i think if a man put his mind empty then he will not be need any pills or treatment. Always think positive because positive thinking is the way of success. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Depression

    Thanks for sharing that Maybe that'll help my friend who is quite depressed now. My friend seems to be my elder sister. I just don't want her feeling depressed about her condition.
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