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Thread: Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia & Yeast Allergy

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    Default Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia & Yeast Allergy

    Hello, everyone,

    I am new to this forum, and wanted to introduce myself , first.

    My name is Nat, I was diagnosed with Hashimo 3 years ago..

    I also have severe fibromyalgia, and my body hurts all the time from non-specific kind of pain.. Shoulders, hips, knees, and hand joints and even feet..

    On accedent, I went to urgent care due to recent heart palpitations, and was tested to allergies.. Guess what ? Yeast, or candida was #1 on my allergy list, highly allergic to it.

    That means I cannot eat bread and baked goods anymore.

    I have looked online, and there is a direct connection between yeast allergy , hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia.. So, I am trying to research more on this subject and get more support from websites, like this one..

    I would like to hear from more people like me - if you allergic to wheat or yeast, please, share with us your points and advices.

    Thank you


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    Default Re: Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia & Yeast Allergy

    Hi Nat,

    Great to have you and your knowledge on this site.

    Sorry to hear about all the health problems you have had.

    I have hypothyroidism and I would say my sensitivity to carbs began around that time - I think it could be a reason why I gained so much weight even after treatment - because I didn't change my diet. I have often wondered if I am allergic or intolerant to gluten. I have had a test for coeliac and it was negative. However, I know how I feel when I don't eat carbs and it suit me better. Having said that I am unclear as to what it is in the carb family that is the problem.

    I would love to have a York test blood analysis - recommended by some dieticians, but it is pricey. I don't know which country you're in but I expect there are equivalents. YorkTest | Food Intolerance, Allergy Tests, and Food Sensitivity Testing Ny sister had one and did well on restricting what they said - she lost a lot of weight, but too much in a way as way slim to start with. It helped her mood a lot, though, she said.

    Are you trying a low carb lifestyle? I think it would be worth a shot if not.
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    Default Re: Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia & Yeast Allergy

    Thanks, Alexa,
    I am trying low carb life style, but I still consume some unwanted carbs from ocasional sources ( cannot help myself with weekly candies or sugar in coffee).

    I am not big on sweets and this is NOT my main problem. I think, my main problem is carbs in meals , such as bread, pastas, and flour - related meal preparation. In any case, I have completely eliminated bread and pastries from my diet - I don't eat anything with obvious and known to me wheat/yeast.

    I do not do soda, and I am not big on flavored coffee...So, I need a lot of support in order to maintain my "low carb style.." I believe that this is a life long learning process, and one need to adjust mentally prior to beginning of this diet.

    I am not a stict Atkins person, and I am afraid to admit this on this forum.
    But, I am willing to learn and work on downsizing my carbs to minimum possible for my diet.

    Keep in touch,
    PS. I live in North Carolina.

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    Default Re: Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia & Yeast Allergy

    Hi Nat, I came across your post. I live in NC. too. Also I have has- low thyroid too and fibro. I am sore all over... How r u doing on atkins, is it working,, I am getting so discouraged,,,, I cant for the life of me lose anything...

    I decided to try atkins ( again),,2001 did it.... and cut all sugar and carbs...

    please someone tell me I will lose some weight if I do.... im just ready to give up

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    Default Re: Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia & Yeast Allergy

    Original post is 5 years old...


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