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Thread: Making Fitday, FatSecret or Fitnesspal public

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    Default Making Fitday, FatSecret or Fitnesspal public

    It is mandatory to have an open public food journal for the duration of Boot Camp. The two we recommend it fitday or fat secret as those can be made public easily.

    Fitday (FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal)
    To make Fitday public:

    • find "Share my Journal" which is on border to the left .
    • Click "View my public Settings"
    • Click "Make my journal public"
    • Post the link in your boot camp journal

    The public link looks like this (but not stars and your fitday username at the end

    Be aware that fitday does not automatically show you net carbs and you have to make the sure to yourself subtract the fiber to know how many carbs you had that day

    Fat Secret (All Things Food and Diet - FatSecret)
    Make sure that your account is set to share your journal with everyone

    • Find My Tool Box (to the bottom right)
    • Under My Tool box select my account
    • Share with everyone
    • Post the link in your journal. With fatsecret you can post a link to the individual day. This may help the person looking over your food choices

    A link to FatSecret should look like this
    No stars***: http***://
    Fatsecret can be set to show net carbs. You need to change the setting under preferences in My Tool Box

    Under setting make sure to pick PUBLiC for who can view your food dairy
    Then add your link It should look like this
    No stars**** http***://

    Here is mine
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