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Thread: Common products with illegal ingredients

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    Default Common products with illegal ingredients

    Sometimes we use products that actually have illegal ingredients but we do not think about this. What are such products. Please add others that you have come across.

    • Pre-grated Cheese (contains a starch to prevent stickyness)
    • Cheese slices (also may contain a starch to prevent sticking)
    • deli meats (often contains sugars - often dextrose)
    • chicken rotisserie (usually coated with a sugar rub)
    • zero carb items (may still contain up to 0.5 carbs as labeling laws allow small amounts to be shown as zero - it is necessary to read the list of ingredients to make sure. Remember that except meat and fish and water virtually nothing else is zero carb)
    • low carb convenience products - yes they sometimes come from companies with Atkins in their name but make sure you read the list of ingredients - most of them contain not only very many artificial sweeteners but ingredients not legal for our current phase of Atkins (chocolate, nuts, soy)
    • Bacon (often has sugars)
    • Sausages (often has sugars and grain products)
    • Salt (common table salt may have added sugar. Check the ingredients of yours)
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