Many people know to check the label of a product to see if it has carbs. But this is not enough. All boot camp recruits must practice reading and understanding the list of ingredients as well.

Here is an example of why this is very important: The product is Sugar Free Coolwhip (That sounds great sugar free sounds like Boot Camp legal) But is it?

Here is the label: (click on it for a bigger version)
screenshop -cool whip-label.jpg

That looks pretty good. Only 3 carbs and zero sugars.

But here is the kicker - check out the list of ingredients: (click for bigger picture)

screenshop -cool whip-ingredients.jpg

So what do we see is the second ingredient on the list: Corn Syrup - and what is that? Sugar
So why can they say zero sugar if the products contains sugar. Well only because sugar is legally defined as coming for the sugar beet but us humans can make sugars from other stuff - like corn. And that corn syrup is every bit as bad as sugars. The third ingredient here is trans fats. That is the one fat we should NEVER eat.

So is this legal? No Way. This is really one of the worst products out there. With a really misleading name. So read the list of ingredients and skim for name of sugars and starches