Boot Camp recruits will have to have at least 50% of their net carbohydrates come from vegetables (unless on owl/maintenance with a high CCLL). This thread is a short discussion on how to count carbs and how not to let labels deceive you.

Finding Net Carbs in vegetables:

The short rule is that net carbs equals total carbs minus fiber

Net Carbs = Total Carbs-Fiber.

So if you decide to eat 2 medium sized celery sticks, this is how you would calculate it

Total carbs in 2 medium celery sticks = 2.4
Total fiber in 2 medium celery sticks = 1.3
Net Carbs in 2 medium celery sticks 2.4-1.3=1.1

What if the label says it has zero carbs

A product (like cheese, or one egg) the label may says zero carbs per serving size of one oz/item. But the savvy Atkineer will have learned to be skeptical about labels. We know that very few products are really zero carb so we have to double check with a reliable place such as
FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal

We then learn that one large egg contains 0.39 carbohydrate and so we count it. One oz of cheddar cheese contains 0.36 carbs.

Processed products may claim zero carb (labelling laws allow anything under 0.5 to be shown as zero) but a quick look at the list of ingredients will make us realize that cannot be quite true. So to be sure such products should be counted as 0.5 carb per serving size.

Labels outside in Europe
In Europe products will have carbohydrates already deducted from total carbs. So if a product contains 2 carbs and 1 fiber. You do not deduct the fiber.