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Thread: Kidney Disease

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    You can do atkins with low protein, can't you.There is a lot more to atkins than just meat. Make him cauliflower pizza crust and enjoy that veggie pizza! Make him cauliflower bread and make toast with it. Make cauliflower rice and eat a delicious stir fry with many colorful vegies.
    I read that too much protien will turn into glucose, so I have 3 vegetables and a meat. I plan on making fish several nights a week as well.
    Cauliflower mashed potatoes, cauliflower rice and using chopped cauliflower in the place of pasta, not to mention squash are great alternatives. Are veggies are on the ok list.
    There is a tortilla in wal mart, mamma lupe low carb. It has 3 grams of carbs per tortilla. You can use that maybe in place of bread if he has to have wheat. Idid when I was pregnant and they said I really needed grains.

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    One huge bit of advice for you - Either you or your husband should look up Dr. Richard Bernstein! He has a website w w w dot diabetes-book dot com. He totally reversed all his physical side-effects by eating low carb. For his sake, please look on Dr. Bernsteins website. Good Luck!!
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