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Thread: sour cream low controled carb enchilada mmm mmmm good

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    Default sour cream low controled carb enchilada mmm mmmm good

    Love mexican.mmmm mmmm good!
    Buy controlled carb tortillas 2 net carbs. (
    grate your favorite cheese.I grates hot papper loaf cheese.
    sour cream,enchilada sauce.
    onion if you like
    Get a pan put oil in bottom.Fry low carb tortilla.Oh My Goodness they are really delious.Take out when it's still soft and bendable.
    Put your cheese and a little onion roll it up.
    1 teaspoon of sour cream (1carb)mis with 1teaspoon of enchilada sauce.
    Put over enchilada and add more cheese.

    Or you can fry the rolled up enchilada and make it into a taquito by fry it again after you roll it.And use the sourcream and enchilada sauce to dip the taquito.
    Let me know if anyone wants my egg roll recipes.

    This tortilla is very very good.Make a taco shell hard or soft taco,quesadilla.I love them fried.And you will too.Make nachos with them,taco salads,I'm making egg rolls tomorrow.low carb. Tammara

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    I know this is an incredibly late response but i would love the egg roll recipe. I have tried the tortillas and they are great. I had chicken fajitas last night!

    Thank you!


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