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Thread: 20 lbs. lost! AND calories DO matter (at least for me)

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    Default Re: 20 lbs. lost! AND calories DO matter (at least for me)

    I find this to be an interesting thread. I know my BMR and understand the relationship between adding or subtracting 3500 calories to gain or lose a pound. The interesting thing for me is... there are some days I feel like eating more than others... but if I keep the ratio of fat, protein and carbs to the prescribed Akins ratio, on average, I am eating about 500 calories a day less than my BMR and feeling satiated without cravings. This is not by my design, but by making out my menu considering carb content along with what I believe is a proper serving of beef, chicken or fish I may be eating as the main course with those carbs... I also try to get the highest content of fiber per carb that I can in my veggies. I think the key here is when we say "on average" when talking about calories... if i was at my BMR caloric intake one day and 1000 under the next day... it would be a 500 average calorie reduction for both days... and after 3500 average calorie reductions I should lose one pound. Basically that's how calorie intake works. The cool thing about Atkins for me, versus a low calorie or low fat diet is this... eating less than 2000 calories with a low fat or "normal" portioned foods diet, leaves me hungry, prone to cheating, cravings and to say the least, over eating... but on the Atkins plan, because of the hunger satiation of fats and protein, I get "full" quicker and naturally eat less calories without even trying... and my FitDay shows me this on a daily basis. I agree with not2late... some days you will eat more calories and some days less and it's ok because calories work on average over time. So stay on plan, eat wisely and continue to learn to ignore emotional and unhealthy choices... the calories with take care of themselves and so will the results.
    Grins to ya and have a great day.

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    Default Re: 20 lbs. lost! AND calories DO matter (at least for me)

    Keto Calculator - Learn Your Macros on the Ketogenic Diet This is where I found out how many calories I should eat plus I inputted 20 gr of carbs and it gave me amount of protein and fats. It is easy to do except when you have to chose the deficit I just started putting in a number and it told me either it was too low or about right. Which doesn't mean a thing except it is needed to calculate everything else.

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    Default Re: 20 lbs. lost! AND calories DO matter (at least for me)

    Thanks Meme!! That was really informative.
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