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Thread: Weight loss and PCOS???

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    Default Re: Weight loss and PCOS???

    Quote Originally Posted by mommy2x View Post
    I am 28 with PCOS, IR and lots of! I am on metformin. Im 177 now but my goal is to get back to 130 at least. 2 days on Atkins. I am planning all meals out in advance. I grocery shop once a week, so everythign is fresh. No soda, no fried foods, and no freezer meals either. Lots of water!
    I was on Metformin 850 and when i started atkins i decided ti stop taking them. Now i get a period every 30 days (which has never happened) and my periods are not painful anymore other than the first day so i am hoping that i am now ovulating as well
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    Default Re: Weight loss and PCOS???

    Hi girls,

    I'm new to Atkins as well (been on it for 13 days) and hoping for similar results as the rest of you. It's so frustrating dealing with all the excess hair where we don't want it (on our bodies) and lack of hair where we do want it (on our heads) as well as AN, acne, poofy belly, etc. I've had PCOS for 15 years and the only reduction in symptoms I had was when I was a "oner" in 2006. Hardly any stray hairs and my AN pretty much disappeared. I've seen the results in the past so I hope to achieve those again. Good luck to everyone on this challenging adventure! I will keep you all
    posted on my progress, hoping everyone does the same.
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    Default Re: Weight loss and PCOS???

    Gosh - you look a lot like me physically, and I have all the same symptoms / issues. (You have much better hair, though, mine started falling out when I was 20). I'm only about 20 pounds overweight now but I still can't get a regular period or ovulate. Very frustrating. How is your weight loss going? Do you take metformin or Yasmin?
    F, 36 yrs. old, PCOS
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