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Thread: Can I just say....

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    Old thread but a good topic. I did the Couch to 5km too, only now I can run 5km I'm kind of torn about what to do. Generally I mix it up and do 5km and alternate running/walking in 5 minute intervals until I've done another 5km, making 10km total. I do that about 2-3 times per week when my daughter is in school.

    I really find running outside very difficult. I live in Asia and it's hot and humid year-round and there are only 1-2 parks where running is possible, with the nearest being 30 mins walk & subway ride from my house. I much prefer the gym and my local one has TVs built into the treadmills. So I can run in air-con comfort and watch CNN or BBC for an hour or two (as we don't get an English-language news channel at home).

    I did a 5km fun-run outside recently and my knees and hips ached for days afterwards - perhaps running outside is harder on my joints than on the nice cushioned treadmill.
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    I've read that if you want to transition from running on a treadmill to running outside, you should put the incline on 1%. It is suppose to mimic the wind resistance and the slight changes in terrain ( on a basically level path)

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    Thanks Susan!

    I've been to the chiropractor, but I think the injury is beyond what he can do for me. I really think I messed it up good. Possibly damaged a disk or something. At the very least, I think its a pinched nerve, but a chiroprator should have been able to get me some relief if that was the case. At least I think.

    Anyway, had an x-ray yesterday....waiting on results. If nothing shows, MRI is next. ugh.

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