First make sure that your privacy settings are set in such a way that your journal is visible to everyone, not only to the people on your list of friends. This can be done by clicking on MY FATSECRET (on the toolbar on top of the page), then Go To My FatSecret, and in the panel you'll see on the right side of the page, under My Toolbox, there's a link to my account. If you click on that, the privacy settings are near the bottom of the page, in the Change your Preferences section. You should have "Share My Weight, Journal & Calendar" set to "With everyone".

Also, you might want to tell FatSecret to count net carbs for you. To do this, in the Food Dairy Nutrition Facts tick the checkbox that says "Net Carbs".

Once that's done, you're ready to share the link. The public link has the form:

Obviously what you need to do is replace "YourUsername" with your FatSecret username.

After you posted the link at ADBB, those who click on it will be taken to your profile page.

To see someone's food journal, one has to click on "View Diet Calendar", which is found in the list of links right under the member's profile picture. Then to see the food eaten on a certain day, click on the number of calories shown next to the date.

Because one is able to change the name of the foods entered in her journal (for e.g., "Tomatoes, raw" can be entered as "raw tom.", or "Hellmann's Low Fat Mayonnaise Dressing" can be entered as "mayo"), you might want to click on some foods to see what they really are. Clicking on them will show the food the way it was originally entered in FatSecret. (This is no guarantee that the numbers you see are accurate though. See the warning below.)

A word of warning when using FatSecret to track your foods: Many entries are user entries and are incorrect. When uncertain, it's a good idea to check foods against the USDA database: