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Thread: Type 1/Juvenile Diabetes anyone?

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    Default Type 1/Juvenile Diabetes anyone?

    Any one out there who is or has Type 1 and has tried this with success or failure? Or anyone with personal/medical information to share with us? My 13 year old daughter has put on 20 lbs in last year and I really want to help her get it off but we want to hear some testimonies if there are any?

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    Default Re: Type 1/Juvenile Diabetes anyone?

    It is very very hard to find anyone with type 1 diabetes on these community boards but I have had type 1 diabetes for over 30 years - I was diagnosed at age 12. I have struggled my whole diabetic life with weight loss. Insulin + carbs = weight gain. I am currently doing Atkins and having tremendous success in keeping my blood sugars well within normal range (BUT remember I have over 30 years experience and you have to be able to keep a really, really close eye on her blood sugars or she will go low blood sugar wise!!) I have been able to reduce my insulin by more than 3/4 (I was taking 4 ac break, 8 ac lunch and 12 ac dinner plus Lantus 20 at night) I now take 0-2 ac break, 2 at lunch and 4 at dinner plus 18 Lantus at night.
    That being said, I have not lost any weight yet (but sadly I am over 40 now and I'm sure that plays a role!). I feel aLOT less bloated, I am not hungry EVER on Atkins and I do feel "brighter". I am hoping eventually the weight will start to come off by following Atkins...but really the bottom line is good blood sugar control and its lifelong benefits. Traditional diabetes education dietitians will tell you to eat a minimum of 150 grams of carb per day - that is ridiculous! More carbs = more insulin = more weight gain and round and round it goes. I know this from experience. The ONLY diet I lost weight on quickly was a 500 calorie diet but who can sustain that? I quickly gained it all me Atkins is working and again, find an endocrinologist or family doc who would be willing to try it with your daughter so she doesn't suffer from huge low blood sugars.

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    Default Re: Type 1/Juvenile Diabetes anyone?

    I see that this post is kinda of old, but I still want to respond to it. I am also a type 1 diabetic. I am 26 years old and I got diagnosed when I was 20. My current weight is 194 lbs and I am 5'5. I have been on atkins for 16 days. I have followed the book to the T, but as far as pounds go- the scale will not move. But there are so many positive improments that I have noticed. First off my blood sugars are stabling out, before atkins my blood sugar would average 240 and now it's averaging 150. I have so much more engery and a better sense of well being. I have noticed that I am loosing inches. I am also working out 1 hour a day 5 times a week. I feel so much better than I did a few weeks ago. I am going to try not to obsess over weight loss, but to realize this is a new life style and even though it may take longer for me to loose weight- that's okay, because I am already experiencing the other postive benifits that Atkins has to offer.

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    Default Re: Type 1/Juvenile Diabetes anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeanthebean View Post
    find an endocrinologist or family doc who would be willing to try it with your daughter so she doesn't suffer from huge low blood sugars.
    How do you do that? How do you find a dietician that will entertain a discussion about a Type 1 diabetic low-carbing?

    My son just learned he is Type 1, 16yo, does not have a weight problem right now but looking at family members on both sides it's just a matter of time. He was told to eat 90gms carbs per meal, or 270 gms carbs. YIKES! It actually is a lower number of carbs then he was eating before but I fear that he will put on weight. And when I asked about eating vegetables and fruits I was told that if ds wants to eat them he should but he just has to count their carbs.
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