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Thread: Trader Joe's roasted seaweed snack

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    Default Trader Joe's roasted seaweed snack

    At my sister's recommendation I bought these today.

    They're really good! The only ingredients are seaweed, canola oil, sesame oil, and sea salt. They're 1 carb with 1 gram dietary fiber, so technically 0 net carbs. Although I'm counting it as 1 as per serving to keep myself in check. If you don't like sushi then you probably wouldn't like these. They do have that fishy seaweed taste that reminds me of sushi rolls. I don't add much salt to anything these days so they do seem a little salty to me, but I only have had a couple pieces at a time so it's not too bad. I plan to keep these around for when I'm feeling snacky, but not necessarily hungry for anything substantial.

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    Default Re: Trader Joe's roasted seaweed snack

    These look great, Schnauzie!

    ... and pretty low sodium, all things considered (50 mg / serving / .5 bag)

    I'll have to look for them...

    Thanks for the tip!
    Have a day!

    -Em in PA


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    Default Re: Trader Joe's roasted seaweed snack

    Those sound delish! I'll be near a trader joe's tomorrow, I will have a look for them!

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    Default Re: Trader Joe's roasted seaweed snack

    I tried these (from TJ's). I was in shock! I love sushi, seafood, salt. But, when I tried them I gagged! I could NOT get the taste out of my mouth! I can't figure it out because I mostly love all foods. I was at TJ's and when I went by these, a woman was putting about 20 pkgs of these in her cart. She said her kids love them, begged for them, and she had trouble keeping enough in the house. Go figure! I'm tempted to try them again - ALMOST! Maybe there was something wrong with my tongue that day?!!!

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    Default Re: Trader Joe's roasted seaweed snack

    I tried these on your recommendation and I LOVE them. The wasabi ones have the same nutitional specs as the regular, but they really have a kick! I like both the plain & wasabi.

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    Default Re: Trader Joe's roasted seaweed snack

    Yay that there is actually a thread about this!

    Trader joes seaweed is my "go to" snack. I can't get enough of it. I stick with regular though because the wasabi flavored ones have added sugar. If you used to love sushi, give these a try!


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