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Thread: new with PCOS

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    Red face new with PCOS

    Wow this is my first comment that I have made! I just joined the site! I too have PCOS. That is what got me thinking Atkins in the first place. I have lots of the lovely little symptoms that this causes a woman. My husband and I have been trying to concieve for over a year. I went to the gyno to find out what exactly was wrong with me and thats when she explained that I have PCOS. I had never even heard of it. Since then I have been trying to do all the research I can on it. I will do anything to become pregnant. My dr said that I really needed to try and lose weight. She said that may be the key for me to concieve. So here it is 24 days since she told me to try and lose the weight. That day I weighed in at 245 pounds. Today I weigh 223 pounds. It's all thanks to Atkins. I don't know if my dr will be that excited that I am on Atkins but I don't know how else to lose it! I've tried every single diet faithfully, and nothing has ever worked, i know now because of insulin resistance! I will do anything to have a sweet baby! I go in tomorrow for more blood work. Before the recent weight loss my A1C was 5.6 and my dr said she wanted me to try and lower that number before she would start me on Clomid. Oh! I pray its lowered! I hope it gets to healthy range quick!
    Anyway I have long term weight loss goals too. I am just trying to hang in there!

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    Default Re: new with PCOS

    well done you. I also have PCOS. none of the other diets worked for me. because you are insulin resistant this is the best diet you can be on. Doctors are now recommending that pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes are put on high protein diets to help regulate their sugar levels. I think your doctor should be pleased with the effort you're making.


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